Become limitless in real life

Discover the methods, mindset, and motivation to flourish whilst living with a chronic condition.

The "Why" that drives us

Chronic illness affects more than a person’s health.

Whilst medicine is advancing and we are living longer, we are not living better. Quite often the focus is on the illness itself – the symptoms and treatment, but what we lack is a deeper and greater understanding of how chronic conditions impact life in countless ways. 

Group 3219

We believe that each person holds limitless power and potential within them. Our dream is to help every person realise and unlock this power, so they can experience unbridled freedom and wellbeing no matter what challenges their condition presents.

Infinite power is in the soul of man, whether he knows it or not. Its manifestation is only a question of being conscious of it. With the full consciousness of his infinite power and wisdom, the giant will rise to his feet.

- Swami Vivekananda -

The roadmap to freedom & peace

Using evidence-based psychology and the science of motivation, our practical and accessible self-management program helps you explore healthy ways to live with challenging physical and mental conditions.

Control your condition

Learn the skills needed to become an active self manager and take care of your condition.

Get more done

Navigate the important and meaningful activities in life from relationships to work. 

Upgrade your mindset

Build a growth mindset to cope with the emotional “ups and downs” of a long-term illness.

"I have Bipolar, Diabetes and severely impacting gut issues and I'm just exhausted from trying to manage them all. I feel like for years I've not been able to live day to day how I wish because it's all so limiting and such a focus. If I knew how to balance my life and condition I'd feel so free."

Carly, 24, Student

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