Learn the methods, mindset, and motivation to flourish whilst living with a chronic condition – anywhere, anytime and in just 12 weeks!

Welcome to the Self-Management Assessment Tool!

This exclusive assessment, based on decades of research from leading medical experts, helps you better understand your current self-management abilities, including where it is strong and capable, and where it may be improved to help you live life more fully – so you’re in good hands!


The roadmap to a healthier, meaningful life

Using evidence-based psychology and self-management science, our practical and accessible program helps you explore healthy ways to live with challenging physical and mental conditions.

Feel in control of your life

Build the skillset, mindset, and toolset to live your best life amidst the challenges your condition presents.

Find belonging

Connect with a community of coaches, professionals and chronic illness warriors who will walk alongside you.

Upgrade your mindset

Learn Psychologist-approved skills and techniques to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing. 

Built by the chronic illness community

Handy health is built by, and for, the chronic illness community. We are founded on decades of scientific research and guided by the real lived experiences of individuals with chronic conditions. Below you can learn about our key contributors who have made Handy Health a leader in human-centred care. 

Why choose Handy Health?

Handy Health is a leading, award-winning digital healthcare platform that supports chronically ill young adults live healthier, meaningful lives. Rather than just focusing on the illness, we prioritise the ‘self’ – supporting your physical, psychological, and social wellbeing along your chronic illness journey. Our dream is to help you create a version of life that you love no matter what challenges and limitations your condition presents.

One handy app

Utilise a powerful toolkit to record, track, store and securely share your health data with your Doctor.

Dedicated support

Access support from experts dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and management of chronic conditions.

Powerful technology

Understand and control all aspects of your health data with optimised privacy and usability. 

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