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I’d like to manage the health of my sick family member. How can I do this?

Handy Health’s family tree feature makes managing the health of loved ones easy. Follow the steps below to manage the health of a loved one:

  • Within the app, navigate to My Family Tree.

  • To add a new family member, click Add a Family Member.

  • You can either Create a New Family Member to fully manage their health, or scan the QR code of your loved one’s profile (or input the Family member ID) to view a summary of their health or their entire dashboard.

  • To find the QR code and family member ID, navigate to My Profile (on your loved one’s phone) and select Flip Card. This will flip the profile card to grant you access to their QR code and ID code.

  • The last step is to approve the request to view a loved one’s profile. This is found in the top right corner of the My Family Tree screen.


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