Frequent Questions

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to give you more information about Handy Health. 

Yes! At Handy Health, we go above and beyond to keep your medical information private and secure. In addition to strictly complying with the Australian Privacy Principles, we are also HIPAA compliant (meaning we adhere to the gold standard for sensitive patient data protection).

Based off years of dedicated research into both patient needs and obstacles, as well as the current options available on the market, Handy Health has innovated in a way that far surpasses any potential competitors. We saw what others did (and what they didn’t do), and we did it better. Where others are uni-functional, we are a complete medical ecosystem. We are fun, friendly, and easy to understand making health management a breeze. Our app is an all-in-one digital health solution to manage the health of individuals and their families and optimise the well-being of all.

No, we’re FREE! We believe that all people should be able to achieve higher standards of health and that’s why Handy Health will always be free. If you want to take your healthcare management to the next level, we offer a monthly subscription. 

Absolutely! Handy Health’s revolutionary Family Tree feature allows you to connect with loved ones and mutually manage permissions, so you can track and organise appointments and medications for those who are unable to effectively manage alone (such as aged family members or children with chronic issues).

Absolutely! Handy Health has been thoughtfully designed for anyone who wants to optimise their health and wellbeing.

Research shows that millions of people miss appointments unintentionally, and medication-related hospital admissions cost the country $1.2 billion dollars annually. Our powerful medication and appointment organisation systems support our users in ensuring that they and their families consistently get access to the best treatment and guidance possible.

Handy Health’s intuitive design gives you the confidence to handle complex medical information, and encourages you to become involved in your own healthcare decisions.